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A lot of collecting and trading has involved bootlegs and copies of them because they were available. Many are incomplete and most are inferior sound quality to what other traders have circulated.


This bootleg section is intended to serve two purposes.


First, many bootlegs are collections, and the assignment of a date for the collection is arbitrary. Sometimes the date assigned to a bootleg is imprecise. It may be assigned based on the first performance in the collection. This can make a particular bootleg hard to find on the LB site since listings are by date. So listing bootlegs here by title may allow a web page search on the title to find the associated LB number and link to its web page for additional information.


Second, back in the late 1990s, the information from many common bootlegs and their tracks and references were entered into a database. Based on the references available at the time, a best guess was made as to when those tracks were recorded. A lot of the dates assigned are approximate. The information in the database is incomplete, probably has errors, is out of date, has not been maintained, and is not intended to be maintained. However, it may still be helpful to some as it can offer different views into the songs on those bootleg cds. The database also attempts to best guess match up songs to the section numbers in the 1994 edition of Tangled up in Tapes by Glen Dundas. That numbering scheme was dropped in the later edition of the book as some recordings were reassigned. Some official releases are also included in the database for reference and song tracking purposes. The inspiration for starting this database was EDLIS. Some of the information in the following links and sub-links was extracted from that database.


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