LosslessBob Most recent hundred LB numbers
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LB-154932/22/97Akita A-arashi lta 48, taper: arashi, lineage: Sanken
LB-1549211/14/90Normal, IL B+cb dolphinsmile 48, from cass master, taped by CB
LB-154912/20/97Sendai-shi Ahwy19 lta 48, taper: hwy19, lineage: Sonic Studios
LB-154902/18/97Osaka-Fu A-arashi lta 48, taper: arashi, lineage: Sanken
LB-154892/17/97Osaka-Fu A-sk lta 48, taper: S. K., lineage: Sonic
LB-1548810/23/96Albuquerque, NM2B+dolphinsmile, Tracks 1-10 cass master>Dat, Tracks
LB-154872/16/97Nagoya-shi Aarashi lta 48, taper: arashi, lineage: Sanken
LB-154862/14/97Fukuoka Aarashi lta 48, taper: arashi, lineage: Sanken
LB-154852/13/97Kurashiki-shi A-arashi lta 48, taper: arashi, lineage: Sanken
LB-1548411/12/90East Lansing, MI B+cb dolphinsmile 48, taped by CB with Sennheiser
LB-154834/9/22Memphis, TN  sp, Lineage:, SP-CMC-4U > SP-SPSB-10 > Sony
LB-154824/2/22Asheville  mk4v soomlos 24, Recorded by: soomlos, schoeps
LB-1548110/5/00London, UK2Asony d8 dat, Audience: Sony D8 DAT> Soundforge>
LB-1548010/26/04Manhatten, Kansas2B+akg391, Coliseum, Manhatten, Kansas, October 26,
LB-1547910/4/02Seattle, WA2 ccm4 dolphinsmile, Schoeps CCM4 cardiods>Sonosax
LB-154785/23/95San Francisco, CA A-sennheisermk2002 dolphinsmile 48, taped by C from
LB-154778/24/94South Bend, IN Anta lta 48, taper: NET Taper A, lineage:, Sonic
LB-154765/1/01Asheville, NC2A-shoeps dolphinsmile, Shoeps Mics/Dat recorder>Disc
LB-154754/13/22Tulsa, Oklahoma  mk4v soomlos, Recorded by: soomlos, schoeps mk4v >
LB-154747/4/92Genova, Italy2B+zuma66, Recording & editing: Zuma66, Lineage: TCS
LB-1547310/30/91Tulsa, Oklahoma2B+acidproject, October 30th 1991, Acid Project 071,
LB-15472xx/xx/65various  BOOTLEG: lucky at the beeb; Bootleg:Lucky At The
LB-154719/4/90Tulsa, OK Bdophinsmile 48, Cass Master>Dat>clone to me>File
LB-154704/7/22MOBILE, ALABAMA  spot 24, recorded by spot (48/24 recording) on a
LB-154694/14/22OKLAHOMA CITY.  spot audiowhore 24, recorded by spot (48/24
LB-15468xx/xx/87various6 BOOTLEG: temples in flames complete set; [White
LB-154674/13/22TULSA, OKLAHOMA  spot 24, recorded by spot (48/24 version)
LB-154664/11/22LITTLE ROCK  spot 24, recorded by spot (48/24 version)
LB-154654/9/22Memphis, Tennessee  spot audiowhore 24, recorded by spot (48/24
LB-154644/8/22Meridian  spot audiowhore 24, recorded by spot (48/24
LB-154634/1/22Greensboro, N.C.  csheb pdub2000, Source: Core Sound HEBs (dpa 4061s
LB-154626/27/98London, England A-dolphinsmile 48, Clone from dat master>file cloned
LB-154617/30/95Nyon, Switzerland A-dolphinsmile 48, Dat clone from Master>File cloned
LB-154606/27/93Milan, Italy2Bzuma66, zuma66 master, Lineage: Sony TCS 430 whit
LB-154593/27/22North Charleston, SC  mk4 ryanj, Equipment: Schoeps MK4s + Actives +
LB-154583/24/22ATLANTA, GEORGIA  roland r 09 spot, recorded by spot, Spot recording
LB-154573/23/22NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE  roland r 09 spot audiowhore, Spot recording with
LB-154563/21/22MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA  csheb spot audiowhore 2496, recorded by spot,
LB-154553/19/22NEW ORLEANS  roland r 09 spot audiowhore, Spot recording with
LB-154543/19/22New Orleans, La.  csheb pdub2000, Source: Core Sound HEBs (dpa 4061s
LB-154533/18/22Shreveport  roland r 09 spot audiowhore, recorded by spot,
LB-154523/18/22Shreveport, La.  csheb pdub2000, Source: Core Sound HEBs (dpa 4061s
LB-154513/16/22AUSTIN, TEXAS  roland r 09 spot audiowhore, recorded by spot,
LB-154503/16/22Austin TX  ca 11, Track #1 fades in and has level adjustments
LB-154493/14/22San Antonio, Texas  csheb spot audiowhore, recorded by spot, mixed by
LB-154483/13/22SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS  roland r 09 spot audiowhore, recorded by spot,
LB-154472/20/02Houston, TX Bdolphinsmile 48, echoey, its the Astrodome after
LB-154467/4/98Verona, Italy A-rs master, (RS MiniDisc Master), Transfer:
LB-15445xx/xx/86Hearts Of Fire music2 hearts of fire sykesinterviews cabad anti
LB-154448/27/86Hearts of Fire1BBOOTLEG: hearts of fire session 1986; For the
LB-1544311/4/16Durham, NC  jnspeer lta, taper: jnspeer, location: 2nd row
LB-1544210/20/89Poughkeepsie2 BOOTLEG: mercyforpoughkeepsie; Label: Not On Label
LB-1544110/5/95Orlando, FL  ag dolphinsmile 48, taped by AG with Sonic Studio
LB-154402/24/86various1 BOOTLEG: live radio broadcasts grace recordings;
LB-1543912/2/21Washington, DC  BOOTLEG: Rough And Rowdy In Milwaukee & Washington
LB-154383/6/22Albuquerque, NM  dpa 4061, DPA 4061(binaural)>Church Aduio
LB-154373/4/22Tucson, Arizona  rovinggambler, Taper: RovingGambler
LB-154363/3/22Phoenix, Arizona  rovinggambler, Taper: RovingGambler
LB-1543511/2/21Milwaukee4 BOOTLEG: Rough And Rowdy In Milwaukee & Washington
LB-1543411/22/85Dave Stewart Session1B+aj
LB-154338/22/85Hollywood2B+empire burlesque outtakes promotional videos
LB-154322/24/78Osaka Fu, Japan B+master cass dolphinsmile 48, Master cass>dat>clone
LB-1543112/13/97Chicago, IL2A-schoeps dolphinsmile, Dat and Schoeps mics>clone
LB-1543011/13/94New Orleans, LA B+sonic studio dolphinsmile 48, taped by B with
LB-154292/23/93Paris, France2 rtm pink robert remaster, Preboards, Righteous To
LB-154286/13/88Park City, UT  sennheiser2002 dolphinsmile 48, taped with
LB-154278/22/92Ottawa, ON  dolphinsmile 48, Dat clone>file cloned in
LB-154266/7/99Denver, CO A-csb dolphinsmile 48, CSB mics> Sony D8 dat>Clone
LB-1542512/8/95Worcester, MA A-dolphinsmile 48, Dat>clone to me>, File cloned in
LB-15424xx/xx/85various dates and  BOOTLEG: classic airwaves; The best of Bob Dylan
LB-1542311/16/21Hershey  mk4v soomlos, Recorded by: soomlos, schoeps mk4v >
LB-1542211/15/21Moon Township  mk4v soomlos, Recorded by: soomlos, schoeps mk4v >
LB-1542111/13/21Charleston  mk4v soomlos, Recorded by: soomlos, schoeps mk4v >
LB-1542011/7/21Bloomington, IN  dk wi oldneumanntapr, Taper: DK-WI, Location: FOB,
LB-1541911/8/99Baltimore,Md.2B+nak 701s, Nak.cm701's>sony pcm-m1 dat
LB-1541812/12/78Atlanta, GA B-old cassette tapes dolphinsmile 48, old cassette
LB-154177/15/88Indianapolis, IN1B+p dolphinsmile 48, taped by P with Crown/Radio
LB-1541610/7/16Indio, California1 w1 dt daspyknows, Original zip filename (from the
LB-154152/27/01Sendai, Japan2A-unknown digital audience oldneumanntapr, Unknown
LB-1541410/16/88NYC B+nak 100 pasternak 1track wavf, Jon Pasternak
LB-1541311/4/61Carnegie Chapter Ars stream luisbp51 48, Soundboard Recording
LB-154122/20/94Tokyo, Japan Acos 11 dolphinsmile 48, Sanken COS-11>Sony
LB-15411xx/xx/65various  BOOTLEG: achilles is in your alleyway,; Freakin'
LB-15410xx/xx/61various  BOOTLEG: live on air volume one; Label: Live Wire
LB-1540911/27/21Boston  lesser spotted audiowhore, recorded by Lesser
LB-1540811/24/21Port Chester, NY  sony pcm a10 24, Sony PCM-A10 (A/B config. 24/96)
LB-1540711/9/21Cincinnati, Oh.  csheb plus iphone, Source 1 (Tracks 01-14): Core
LB-1540611/2/21Milwaukee, WI  ca 11 gravenb jb 24, Gravenb gets a great
LB-154056/21/05Norwich, CT B+sony kingrue, Source : Sony ECM-MS907 mic > Sony
LB-1540412/2/21Washington, D.C.  gefell m21 vwmule 24, Source: Microtech Gefell M21
LB-1540311/30/21Philadelphia  schoepsmk4 keystoner 24, (24 bit version), Schoeps
LB-1540211/30/21Philadelphia  schoepsmk4 keystoner, Schoeps MK4's>Nbob
LB-1540111/30/21PHILADELPHIA  lesser spotted audiowhore, 94 mins, recorded by
LB-1540011/27/21Boston, MA  sp evening sun, Lineage:, SP-CMC-4U (XY, front row
LB-1539911/26/21Providence  lesser spotted audiowhore, 94 mins, recorded by
LB-1539811/26/21Providence, RI  at853 berryj003, Lineage:, AT853 Cardioids
LB-1539711/24/21Port Chester  lesser spotted audiowhore, 93 mins, recorded by
LB-1539611/23/21Port Chester  lesser spotted audiowhore, 93 mins, recorded by
LB-1539511/21/21Beacon Theater, NY  roland phideaux3, Phideaux3 recording, Source:
LB-1539411/21/21NY, NY  roland phideaux3 24, (96-24, Phideaux3), Source:


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