LosslessBob LB-504
11/12/80Fox Warfield Theatre, San Francisco2A-68min +58min

master aud from "legendary" taper jf,

very good to excellent sound, from shn upload phil's ftp server 11/00; (requested to be traded discreetly); (however jf did not record any shows in 1980)

( a similar looking version of this recording with same flaw was uploaded to a.b.m.s.d. 09/05 described as "Posted as received, including total lack of source info. There are some issues on tracks 108, 201 (dies at 1:13) and small bumps and zits elsewere. Otherwise appropriate for the era (meaning quite a bit of buzz here and there)., However, still a nice listen if you enjoy gospel era., Tobywansdad")

(a close eac match circulated as part of the lk fall 80 set);

(a bittorrent from 08/08 is same recording with similar wav and spectral view on d1t1 with same digipops at d1t11:55 but has 2 second fade in at beginning instead of music; described with a generic info file and filenames like "Disk One\bd1980-11-12_Disk_1_Track_01 .flac")

digipops at d1t11:55; has some scattered small pops cd2t7 0:5x static ;plus moe drop/cut between cdrs; drop d2t7 0:48

1 Let Me Ride 2 Show Me the Way 3 Look Up 4 Saved By the Grace of Your Love 5 Gotta Serve Somebody 6 I Believe In You 7 Like A Rolling Stone 8 Till I get it Right 9 Man Gave Names To All The Animals 10 Precious Angel 11 Ain't Gonna Go To Hell 12 Mary From The Wild Moor 13 Girl From The North Country 14 Slow Train


1 Walk Around Heaven All Day 2 Abraham, Martin And John 3 Let's Keep It Between Us 4 Covenant Woman 5 Solid Rock 6 Simple Twist Of Fate 7 Just Like A Woman 8 Caribbean Wind 9 In The Garden 10 Blowin' In The Wind 11 City Of Gold 12 Love Minus Zero/No Limit (acoustic)

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Year 1980
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