LosslessBob LB-1070
6/8/65BBC, London, United Kingdom1 66min

The show as presented here is exactly the way i received it from a generous donator. The only, change i made is the track naming. I renamed them to fit the standard., - See the generous donator comment for the quality review., Comment from the generous donator, which you can trust the judgement, about the "At the Beeb", (Improved version) treed on DylanTree :, A few months ago when word of this release emerged, I was asked my opinion as to whether it, was a new PA tape or just a remaster. It turned out that it is just a remaster (it is an, improvement, but how much of an improvement is very subjective...), Anyway in the course of my investigation I listened to:, - BBC Broadcast (the original vinyl bootleg), - The Circus is in Town, - the BBC 65 broadcast in the 1965 box set, - At the Beeb, - I also listened to a very old 'non-bootleg' tape I've had for around 20 years., These are all derived from the same source tape (a mic in front of a TV set)., IMHO the quality of the CDs is pretty straight forward with 'Circus' worst and 'Beeb' best, (slightly better than the 1965 box set one)., I prefer the sound of the Vinyl boot, but unfortunately that is accompanied by the, inevitable pop & clicks of vinyl boots., However it turned out that my tape was even better quality than At the Beeb and furthermore, did not contain some of the imperfections now present in the sound of 'Beeb'., I then resolved to master my tape (when I had time) and spread it around. However, circumstances have overtaken me with 'At the Beeb' CD being treed. While I have no desire to, discourage people signing up for this tree, I am aware that a better source is available and, would be preferred to 'Beeb'.

has a few occasional pops
Disc 1, First show (Broadcatsed on June 19th, 1965), 01 - Ballad Of Hollis Brown 05:18 33,8 Mo, 02 - Mr Tambourine Man 06:27 36,2 Mo, 03 - Gates Of Eden 07:16 34,2 Mo, 04 - If You Gotta Go, Go Now 02:47 14,9 Mo, 05 - Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll 06:22 31,8 Mo, 06 - It Ain't Me Babe 04:12 22,3 Mo, Total 0:32:22 173,0 Mo, Second show (Broadcatsed on June 26th, 1965), 01 - Love Minus Zero/No Limit 03:51 22,6 Mo, 02 - One Too Many Mornings 04:22 23,3 Mo, 03 - Boots Of Spanish Leather 06:44 33,4 Mo, 04 - It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) 09:08 44,7 Mo, 05 - She Belongs To Me 04:47 24,3 Mo, 06 - It's All Over Now, Baby Blue 05:07 25,1 Mo, Total 0:33:59 173,0 Mo, Disc 1 Total Timing 1:06:21 347,0 Mo
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