LosslessBob LB-1591
5/18/80Civic Theater (Akron, OH)2B+53min+51min

CIVIC THEATER AKRON, OHIO, , unidentified label 2CDR, NOTE: The cover slips for this item also list a performance of "Ain't No Man Righteous", immediately preceding "When He Returns." Dylan did not perform that song at the Akron concert;, the set may include an unreported rendition by Regina Havis, or Dylan's May 7, 1980 performance.

very good sound; nothing above 16k except lego paraperts; some upfront talking in between songs sometimes at very beginning and in song d1t6 1:5x, d2t1 1:xx, begin of d2t3, d2t4, d2t4 1:xx; plus more occasional talking
light static at begin of d1t9; drop/cut between cdrs; has some discontinuities and digi-pops

1 Gotta Serve Somebody, 2 I Believe In You, 3 When You Gonna Wake Up, 4 Ain't Gonna Go To Hell, 5 Cover Down Break Through, 6 Precious Angel, 7 Man Gave Names To All The Animals, 8 Slow Train, 9 Ain't No Man Righteous,


1 When He Returns, 2 Solid Rock, 3 Saving Grace, 4 Saved, 5 What Can I Do for You?, 6 In the Garden, 7 Are You Ready, 8 Pressing On, 9 I Will Sing

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Year 1980
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