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xx/xx/64Friends will Arrive, Friends will Disappear3B+76min+74min+76min

compilation spanning from 1964-2001 that documents guest appearances at Dylan shows. This wonderful and diverse set comes to us from Larry Fishman's hard work. He has really put together an incredible set of music. Of course the quality of the sound, while consistently high, does fluctuate. For the most part; however, it is outstanding., From Larry..., "I researched and spent some time on Olof's pages and then cross referenced though my collection to come up with, what I think, is a pretty amazing group of material., As I was working on this, I focused my attention on special guests/unannounced/surprise appearances at concerts. Hence I eliminated studio stuff entirely - frankly there are plenty of good collections of that anyway. I wanted some clear continuity throughout so I decided to eliminate the tours backed by established bands: The Dead, the Band & Tom Petty., What I wanted to do was to capture those moments when the audience was given a surprise treat (it is for that reason I decided to also not include a Paul Simon duet as that was on the menu for that tour) - I have personally loved those moments whether they be at Dylan or some other concert. One of the performances I included was the 1-24-98 Van Morrison performance in Boston which I attended. What you can't see when listening to "Knockin on Heaven's Door" are the roadies scrambling around the stage setting up a mike and equipment for Van. We are all exploding while it was going on and listening to the song again you can hear the crowd erupt a few times in anticipation and then midway through the song when Van appears. Its frankly a mess of a song with the lyics stretched out - but oh fun., What interests me is that messy chemistry of another artist trying mesh or duet with Zim. And then the excitement that it brings to the audience and to the art -- how it reinterprets the song. It ain't easy - sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't- I imagine there is mighty little rehearsal, but that what appeals to me. (I did read Sheryl Crow in an interview where Dylan forced her to sing all of the lyrics to Highway 61 before he would bring her on stage). I didn't want to include, scheduled joint appearances. As much as I enjoy those, they are slicker, staged more coordinated affairs and don't have that manic energy or charisma that a live concert has., Another thing I wanted was to make this whole thing listenable - first in sound quality and then in variation of material. Jeez, I could have made an entire disc out of Rainy Day Womens & I Shall Be Releaseds. The vast majority of the listed songs are in excellent sound.", Extra Information, Artwork to come..., Tree Type: audio, Sign-up Dates: CLOSED!, Disc Lengths: Three 80 min discs

downloaded from a.b.m.s.d 1/05; previously treed by dylantree; very good to excellent sound [B+]; not always the best song to song transition; uneven sound levels
pops/static on d2t9 4:07, 5:09
Setlist, Disc One, ---------, 1.) Mama You Been On My Mind (w/ Joan Baez guitar and vocals 10-31-64), 2.) Michael Bloomfield Introduction, 3.) Like A Rolling Stone (Mike Bloomfield guitar 11-15-80), 4.) Jerry Garcia Introduction, 5.) Simple Twist of Fate (Jerry Garcia guitar 11-16-80), 6.) Roger McGuinn Introduction, 7.) Mr. Tambourine Man (Roger McGuinn guitar and vocals 11-22-80), 8.) Blowin' In The Wind (Joan Baez vocals 05-31-84), 9.) Why Do I Have to Choose? (Carlos Santana guitar 06-07-84), 10.) Senor (Eric Clapton guitar 07-07-84), 11.) Blowin' In The Wind (Mark Knopfler guitar 02-10-86), 12.) Good Rockin' Mama (John Lee Hooker guitar and vocals 08-05-86), 13.) Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (George Harrison guitar 10-17-87), 14.) Gates of Eden (Neil Young guitar 06-10-88), 15.) Tupelo Honey (Van Morrison vocals 02-06-91), 16.) Idiot Wind (T. Bone Burnett guitar 05-09-92), Disc Two, ---------, 1.) Highway 61 Revisited (Dave Stewart guitar 06-30-92), 2.) Cat's In The Well (Dickie Betts guitar 11-09-92), 3.) The Times They Are A-Changin' (Liz Stoussi audience member vocals 02-17-93), 4.) Highway 61 Revisited (Bruce Springsteen & Neil Young guitars 10-14-94), 5.) Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 (Neneh Chery & Chrissie Hynde vocals 03-31-95), 6.) I Shall Be Released (Carole King, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison vocals 04-11-95), 7.) Forever Young (Bruce Springsteen vocals 09-02-95), 8.) Dark Eyes (Patti Smith vocals 12-17-95), 9.) Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (Al Kopper organ 06-27-96), 10.) Positively 4th Street (Ron Wood guitar 06-29-96), 11.) Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Sheryl Crow accordion and vocals 12-19-97), 12.) I Shall Be Released (Van Morrison and Joni Mitchell vocals 05-16-98), Disc Three, ---------, 1.) Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Van Morrison vocals 01-24-98), 2.) Ballad of a Thin Man ( Brian Setzer Orchaestra horns and guitar 02-15-99), 3.) Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Bono vocals 03-02-99), 4.) I Shall Be Released (Elvis Costello vocals 07-26-99), 5.) It's All Over Now, Baby Blue (Marty Stuart guitar 09-08-99), 6.) Alabama Getaway (Phil Less bass, Warren Haynes & Jorma Koukenen guitars 11-18-99), 7.) One Too Many Mornings (Jason Roberts fiddle 03-17-00), 8.) Maggie's Farm (Ron Wood guitar 07-15-01), Bonus Tracks - Bob Dylan Guest Performances, 9.) I Shall Be Released (U2 concert 04-20-87), 10.) One Irish Rover (Van Morrison concert at the Fleadh Festival 06-12-93), 11.) Like A Rolling Stone (Rolling Stones concert 04-11-98)
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Year 1964
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