LosslessBob LB-3416
11/26/80San Diego, California, Golden Hall2 75min+40min

version "a"; SOURCE : AUD recording of unknown generation, LINEAGE : ? > shns > me > you, NOTES : very good sound, this source is missing first two songs ("Gotta Serve Somebody" and "I Believe In You"), - beginning of these tracks cut : d1t1, d1t20, d2t5 ; d1t4 stumble @ :20; d1t16 dropout @ :01

bittorrent download 3/05; mono; in comparison to LB-0476 this is same recording with higher levels and fade in on d1t1; this one does not have LB-0476's d2t14 which is the radio commercial for this show; this one does not have the analog drop on LB-0476's at d1t11 4:03; (did not listen to all of this)

(a bittorrent from 01/11 is a close eac match on d1t1 with same digital flaws; described as "Improved Air Catalog Number: IA44, TITLE: untitled (2cd)" with filenames like "CD1\01 Like A Rolling Stone (cut).flac"; xref-00686)

(a bittorrent from 10/15 has matching md5s to this and LB-3418: described as this plus 4 missing songs from LB-3418; xref-01666)

drop/cut between cdrs, end of d2t4; discontinuities between tracks
DISC ONE, 1. Like A Rolling Stone beginning cut), 2. Regina McCreary Havis: Till I Get It Right (Red Lane/Larry Henley), 3. Man Gave Names To All The Animals, 4. Simple Twist Of Fate, 5. We Just Disagree (Jim Krueger), 6. All Along The Watchtower, 7. A Couple More Years (Shel Silverstein/Dennis Locorriere), 8. Intermission Speech #1, 9. Ain't Gonna Go To Hell For Anybody, 10. Girl From The North Country, 11. Slow Train, 12. Carolyn Dennis: Walk Around Heaven All Day (Rev. James Cleveland/Cassietta George), 13. Abraham, Martin And John (Dick Holler), 14. Rise Again (Dallas Holm), 15. Let's Keep It Between Us, 16. Intermission Speech #2, 17. Mary From The Wild Moor (trad.), 18. Solid Rock, 19. Just Like A Woman, 20. Senor (Tales Of Yankee Power) - beginning cut), DISC TWO, 1. The Groom's Still Waiting At The Altar, 2. What Can I Do For You?, 3. When You Gonna Wake Up, 4. In The Garden, 5. Blowin' In The Wind - (beginning cut), 6. City Of Gold, 7. It's All Over Now, Baby Blue, 8. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall
Year 1980
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