LosslessBob LB-6135
10/30/71Allen Ginsberg & Friends - PBS-TV Studios, New York City, NY1D48min

Trade CDr circa 2002 > EAC > Wave Repair manual fix of index clicks, minor digi clicks, No ASM > flac lvl 8 verify

bittorrent download 05/08; in comparison to the portion on dvd 38 LB-4819 this is more muffled and that is better and probably rates C quality; (did not listen to all of this)
01. A Dream (William Blake/Allen Ginsberg) (6:26), 02. Vajra Mantra (?) (12:37 - fragment from "Nurse's Song" at start), 03. Nurse's Song (William Blake/Allen Ginsberg) (4:44), 04. September On Jessore Road (Allen Ginsberg) (Analog tape stopped at 7:00), 05. September On Jessore Road (Allen Ginsberg) (14:17)*, 06. 2WTLJ-FM: DJ presenting "George Jackson" single and talks about "Allen Ginsberg & Friends TV" programm broadcasted the previous night (1:57), * Same as Track 4 but complete and includes a spoken fragment by Ginsberg introducing "A Dream" (Track01 !?) at the end., Allen Ginsberg (harmonium & vocal), Bob Dylan (guitar), Happy Traum (banjo & guitar), David Amram (french horn, flute), Gregory Corso (vocal), Peter Orlovsky (vocal) and others., Note. The available tape contains about half of the show., Broadcast in mid-November in FREETIME on PBS-TV, New York City, New York., Incomplete mono TV broadcast, 20 minutes
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Year 1971
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