LosslessBob LB-6432
8/24/97Vienna, Virginia2A-46min+48min

low gen ALD > DAT > CD > EAC > Soundforge 6.0 > CD Wave > FLAC

close to mono; in 3-way comparison these are all sort of close to mono; bootleg "After the Heart Attack Vol II" has a little more hiss and fuller sound than the others and is harshest; next harshest is bootleg "Weekend at Wolftrap" and then this; overall this seemed best, based on being least harsh; they all have a narrow harsh sound; excellent sound [A-]

(a bittorrent from 05/11 is from ALD and has had levels raised and highly compressed but in spectral view most cuts off at 10k and even more above 16k so probably has a cassette generation in it and sounds narrower and harsher; described as "Excellent mono soundboard remastered by Captain Acid and Pink Robert, Pink Acid Project" with filenames like "CD1\A01.flac"; xref-00790)

drop/cut between cdrs, d2t3 0:51
CD 1 [48:44.51], 01 Absolutely Sweet Marie [04:38.04], 02 Tonight I'll Be Staying Here With You [06:11.29], 03 Tough Mama [05:17.72], 04 You Ain't Goin' Nowhere [05:27.06], 05 Silvio [07:39.66], 06 Roving Gambler [03:28.02], 07 Tangled Up In Blue [07:12.21], 08 Cocaine Blues [08:50.01], CD 2 [50:33.71], 01 Watching The River Flow [00:00.00], 02 Blind Willie McTell [07:57.30], 03 Highway 61 Revisited [07:25.15], 04 Like A Rolling Stone [10:35.12], 05 Forever Young [08:46.01], 06 Rainy Day Wome # 12 & 35 [07:01.10]
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Year 1997
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