LosslessBob LB-7344
xx/xx/67Basement Tapes1A76min

BOOTLEG: Safety Master; Lowgen; Hollow Horn Bootleg "Safety Master" plus 4 bonus tracks, This new boot was first posted elsewhere today and because it runs almost 3% slow, I wanted to pass it along at a better speed. (I didn't correct the last 4 'bonus' tracks.) Also fixed one glitch and a few clicks, and cleared up the small dc offset. Some uncorrected faults are noted below., It contains a fair amount of uncorrected clipping (digital overload), and also contains add-on leakage from an unrelated source on track-16 and beyond. The last track is, I believe, from the earlier "sub-basement" sessions., Please do not reseed elsewhere until next month., /Lowgen

bittorrent download 04/09; bonus tracks are lesser quality; excellent sound [A]
discontinuity pop t1 0:07
1. Million Dollar Bash, 2. Yea, Heavy and a Bottle of Bread, 3. I'm Not There (1956), 4. Please Mrs Henry, 5. Down in the Flood, 6. Lo and Behold, 7. This Wheel's On Fire, 8. You Ain't Going Nowhere (Dylan on right channel), 9. I Shall Be Released (Dylan on right channel), 10. Too Much Of Nothing, 11. Nothing Was Delivered (short take), 12. Odds and Ends, 13. Get Your Rocks Off, 14. Clothesline Saga, 15. Apple Suckling Tree, 16. Open the Door Homer (short gap at 0:45), 17. Nothing Was Delivered (short gap at 1:06), 18. Tears Of Rage, 19. Quinn The Eskimo, BONUS TRACKS, 20. Tiny Montgomery, 21. Sign On The Cross, 22. Going To Acapulco, 23. All You Have To Do Is Dream
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Year 1967
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