LosslessBob LB-8003

Remastered 2009 by Mick the Merciless, CASS (1ST GENERATION, TDK CHROME SA90) VIA KENWOOD KXF-W1030 DECK > SOUNDBLASTER LIVE! CT4760 SOUNDCARD > COOL EDIT PRO 2.0 @ 48000 32 BIT > 44100 16 BIT, (NO NOISE SHAPING) > FLAC, The master cassette of this gig is missing, believed lost. I got my copy from the taper in 1992, did a couple of copies for friends and acquaintances, and, 6 months later found the "Leicester '66" bootleg CD on a London market stall! Several generations of cassette tape copying had obviously compromised the, quality somewhat, so here's the best sounding version any of us are likely to hear. I have used no noise reduction or EQ, but have rendered the recording, into mono since the left and right channels of the much-played master were full of dropouts. This is as good as it gets, .enjoy! Mick x, NOTES, The original recording was made on a mono Philips cassette recorder. The taper was seated in the front row of the audience, and the microphone was hand-held, (as is evident at times!), I have edited out a small portion after the first song, since the taper had inadvertently recorded silence over a small portion of the original recording, (let's be thankful it wasn't during a song, eh?). This is the only edit I have made., The speed fluctuations at the end of "Desolation Row" were on the original recording, and are due to a fault on the tape recorder as it neared the end of the, first side of the original C-60 cassette (not, as the bootleg disc sleevenotes suggest, battery problems). Similarly, the "quiet" section of "Baby Blue", is just a long drop-out in both channels (NOT the microphone being covered up!) The tape ran out during "Tom Thumb's Blues"; however, the taper and his, friend chose to leave the concert during the next song. Apparently it was "painfully loud"; Dig that distortion!!!!

bittorrent download 09/09; close to mono; in comparison to bootleg Leicester 66 LB-6686 this seems to be more like that ones right channel in wav view; bootleg jewels and binoculars LB-6676 d16 is mono and seems to be more like LB-6686's left channel; the bootlegs fade out quicker between songs and have less crowd than this; LB-6676 has least hiss but sounds and looks like through noise reduction and is more muffled than the others; LB-6686 has the most hiss but it was difficult to determine if this was an improvement because of the sound quality; (did not listen to all of this)
01 She Belongs To Me, 02 Fourth Time Around, 03 Visions Of Johanna, 04 It's All Over Now, Baby Blue, 05 Desolation Row, 06 Just Like A Woman, 07 Mr. Tambourine Man, 08 Tell Me Momma, 09 I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met), 10 Baby, Let Me Follow You Down, 11 Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
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Year 1966
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