LosslessBob LB-8235
4/19/80Toronto, Ontario, Canada2B-40min+51min

lk 80 series; Source:My tape. Very good sound. Unique song order and selection., I did not compare with LB-4954 as I don't have it.

bittorrent download 12/09; looks like may have noise reduction; in comparison to LB-4954 that has a fuller more natural sound and this is more suppressed but with less hiss; (did not listen to all of this); these are different recordings based on different crowd at end of d1t1
drop/cut between cdrs
CD 1, 01 Gotta Serve Somebody, 02 Covenant Woman, 03 When You Gonna Wake Up ?, 04 Ain't Gonna Go To Hell For Anybody, 05 Cover Down, Break Through, 06 Man Gave Names To All The Animals, 07 Precious Angel, CD 2, 01 Slow Train, 02 Do Right To Me Baby (Do Unto Others), 03 Solid Rock, 04 Saving Grace, 05 What Can I Do For You ?, 06 Saved, 07 In The Garden, 08 band intro, 09 Are You Ready ?, 10 I Will Love Him
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Year 1980
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