LosslessBob LB-9227
12/7/64Santa Barbara, California1B13min

lowgen, Bob Dylan interviewed by Bob Blackmar, 12:40, Dec 1964 - Long Beach, California--, or (if you believe in democracy) Dec 7, 1964 - Santa Barbara, California, This tape was listed 35 years ago as Long Beach Dec 64 but the listing was improved by someone to become Santa Barbara with an exact date. Now, since nearly all listings found on the web use this new improved info, it must be believed., I'm seeding this so we can all laugh at Dylan, who immediately needs a detailed explanation of where he is. We can also admire his generosity in taking a break from his southern shows to travel to Santa Barbara for this important interview., /Lowgen March 2011

close to mono; in 3-way comparison this is an upgrade over those; this has the brightest sound and is easiest to hear, then LB-5877, and then LB-2570; LB-2570 has the most rumble and then LB-5877, and then this where it is not noticable; this has the most hiss. then LB-5877, and then LB-2570; (did not listen to all of this)
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Year 1964
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