LosslessBob LB-9611
1/20/73Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid Sessions2A-61min+35min

version "i", Complete circulating material from this session., Backed by Terry Paul (guitar, bass, vocals), Mike Utley (organ), Sammy Creason (drums), Stephen Bruton (guitar), This one comes from LB-1013 original set (Yassas Remaster), though I just made a simple de-equalization to make it sound closer to the original recording I had from the 2nd session., My intervention was:, a) Slight deamplification of -1.35 dB throughout, b) Gradual mid cut of -0.82 through -1.34 dB, slightly applied from 1k to 2.5k (through the whole set), Lineage: shnf (LB-1013) > wav (mkwACT) > wav (adobe audition 1.5 - de-eq.) > renamed flacs (Rname-it.exe) > flac (flac 1.2.1b w/flac frontend 1.7.1 - align on SB option - level 8 - verify on), DISC 2: This is part of LB-4820, but shn files have been decoded and converted to flac., Lineage: shnf (Pat Garret 2nd Session fileset from LB-4820) > wav (mkwACT) > flac (flac 1.2.1b w/flac frontend 1.7.1 - align on SB option - level 8 - verify on), Bob DylanBONUS: (guitar & vocal) with a male voice shily accompaining Bob in the background, Mono recording, 3 minutes (the segment included here is only a 40" sample), Received as flac from Michpom. The only one thing he did with it was to pitch it down a little bit using Magic Easy Cleaning software., Lineage: ?>open reel>DAT>CD-R>wav(easy CDDA extractor)>magic easy cleaning(pitch down)>.flac(flac 1.2.1)>renamed flac(Rname-it.exe), NOT INCLUDED IN THIS SET (low sound quality), December 1972 or January 1973 Sam Peckinpah's house, Durango, Mexico, 12. (instrumental) [4:19], 13. (instrumental) [3:11], 14. Billy [3:45], *********************************************, *********************************************, Note that not included set is just the same one as presented on last 3 tracks of the boot "PAT & BILLY / BOB & SAM", which turned out to be fake. Track 14 is and edited/degraded version of take #5 from the 1st session ("Billy 4" on the official album) which has been probably taken from the movie soundtrack or movie outtakes discarded during the editing process (as it does include sound effects, such as boot steps and marching horses) and the instrumentals just unidentified pieces which might not indeed come from Peckinpah's House recording as only circulating take from that event is the above mentioned 3 minutes Billy., -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, Luisbp51 (Hungercity September 16, 2011)

bittorrent download 09/11; the ffp for d2 matches to dvd-39 LB-4820 and Bonus matches on md5 to LB-9606; d1 seemd derived from Yassa remaster LB-1013 as indicated; (did not listen to all of this)
discontinuitiy pop d2t3 2:04
DISC 1 [60:49], 20 January 1973 CBS Studios, Mexico City, Mexico, 1. Billy (instrumental) [0:43], 2. Billy (instrumental) [2:27], 3. Billy (instrumental) [1:35], 4. Billy [8:29], 5. Billy [6:46], 6. Turkey (instrumental) [1:19], 7. Turkey (instrumental) [1:02], 8. Turkey (instrumental) [3:54], 9. Tom Turkey (Turkey II) (Billy) [6:55], 10. Billy Surrenders (instrumental) [3:49], 11. Billy Surrenders (instrumental) [3:28], 12. And He's Killed Me Too (instrumental) [2:55], 13. And He's Killed Me Too (instrumental) [0:08], 14. And He's Killed Me Too (instrumental) [0:08], 15. And He's Killed Me Too (instrumental) [4:51], 16. Goodbye Holly [2:20], 17. Pecos Blues (instrumental) [0:46], 18. Pecos Blues (instrumental) [4:04], 19. Billy [5:10], DISC 2 [52:18], February 1973 Burbank Studios, Burbank, California, 1. Knockin' On Heaven's Door [4:44], 2. Sweet Amarillo [1:10], 3. Knockin' On Heaven's Door [3:52], 4. Knockin' On Heaven's Door (instrumental) [8:17], 5. Rock Me Mama [3:46], 6. Billy 7 [1:33], 7. Billy 7 [1:10], 8. (instrumental) [2:11], 9. (instrumental) [2:02], 10. Final Theme (instrumental) > Ride Billy Ride [4:18], 11. (chatter) [0:16], BONUS TRACK [00:40], November 1972 - January 1973 Sam Peckinpah's House, Durango, Mexico, 1. Billy [0:40]
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