LosslessBob LB-9873
5/17/80Akron, Ohio2B-75min+68min

version "b", Edit/fix of LB-8274:, for the Dylan set: This version uses a fileset of same source recording and quality LB-8274 [lk 80 series] which has fewer digi flaws [See attached DFF logs]. LB-8274 had index gaps between all tracks while the fileset used here had index gaps on disc one only which were fixed as per below. The fileset used had different ffp from LB-8274 and has no LB number., Backing group set 1 [disc 1 t1-7] is taken from LB-8274 because it was not included in the fileset used here., Backing group set 2 [disc 2 t1-2] were in this fileset already., LosslessBob LB-8274 entry states: "this has similar wav and spectral and levels to LB-4081 except this looks like it has noise reduction or a lossy step in it as has lego parapets" This refers to both Dylan and the first backing group sets. When comparing the second backing singers set, the sound of the set used here is clearly better. Although it is not excluded that some remastering could have been effected, it is also possible that it is simply a cleaner source. The sound is in fact extremely pleasent and audibly bears no evidence of remastering. LB-4081 is not available at this time to compare., Fix: Fixed index gaps between tracks for disc 1 Dylan set, fixed index click disc 2 t1-2 . Drop/static right channel Cover Down, Break Through at 1:33 [as on LB-8274] patched from left channel for smoother listening. Removed gap/digi clicks between Slow Train and Walk Around Heaven. Two minor spectral flaws (inaudible) on Backing group set 1 from LB-8274 fileset left unaltered. > FLAC

bittorrent download 01/12; as indicated up to d1t7 match md5s to LB-8274; the rest has same wav and spectral view and levels as LB-4081 with d2t11 being a sort of close eac match; this has less digital flaws; (did not listen to all of this)

Backing group set 1:, 01 Story, 02 If I got a Ticket Lord, 03 Hold On, 04 It's Gonna rain, 05 Show me the Way, 06 Freedom at the Wall, 07 This Train is Bound for Glory, Dylan set 1:, 08 Gotta Serve Somebody, 09 I Believe In You, 10 When You Gonna Wake Up, 11 Ain't GonnaGo To Hell, 12 Cover Down, Break Through, 13 Precious Angel, 14 Man Gave Names ToAll The Animals, 15 Slow Train,


Backing group set 2:, 01 Walk Around Heaven (Mary Bridges), 02 Stranger in the City ((Mona Lisa Young), Dylan set 2:, 03 Do Right To Me Baby (Do Unto Others), 04 SolidRock, 05 Saving Grace, 06 Saved, 07 What Can I Do For You?, 08 In The Garden, 09 Are You Ready?, 10 Pressing On, 11 Blessed Be The Name

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