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xx/xx/77Jonathan Cott Interviews4B-64min+47min+68min+31min

1977-1978, These are less formal interviews and more conversational...somewhat cerebral and somewhat "stream of consciousness" in, an often manic sort of way. Much discussion focuses on Bob's career, Renaldo and Clara, film and music theory, Desire, Street Legal, social criticisms, and "far-out" philosophical pontifications. Dylan seems fascinated with Cott's intensity, and the verbal exchanges are really priceless such as ..., "That's right, and that's because my mind and my heart work on all those levels. Shit, I don't want to be chained down, to the same old level all the time...Sometimes i like a place a whole lot and when people come there i'll go someplace, else so they'll leave and i'll go back..."; bittorrent download 04/04

has some digipops
DISCS 1 and 2, December 1977, Los Angeles, Published in "Rolling Stone" 26 Jan 1978 Reprinted in "Rolling Stone Interviews", DISCS 3 and 4, 17 September 1978, Portland and New Haven, Published in "Rolling Stone" 16 Nov 1978 Reprinted in "Rolling Stone Interviews"
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Year 1977
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