LosslessBob LB-11057
xx/xx/67Basement Tapes 19671A76min

BOOTLEG: mixing up the medicine; Hollow Horn, Safety Tape, General consensus is that you can compile a better quality disc by taking the tracks from tree with roots.

bittorrent download 09/13; t1 has matching ffp to jtt LB-7373; the rest of the tracks seem at faster speed as if before that ones speed change; (did not listen to all of this)
drops between tracks; discontinuity pop t16 0:45
01. millon dollar bash, 02. yeah, heavy and a bottle of bread, 03. I'm not there, 04. please mrs. Henry, 05. down in the flood (crash on the levee), 06. lo and behold, 07. this wheel's on fir, 08. you ain't going nowhere, 09. I shall be released, 10. too much of nothing, 11. nothing was delivered, 12. odds and ends, 13. get your rocks off, 14. clothes line saga, 15. apple suckling tree, 16. open the door Homer, 17. nothing was delivered, 18. tears of rage, 19. Quinn the Eskimo, 20. Tny Montgomery, bonus tracks, 21. sign on the cross, 22. going to Acapulco, 23. all you have to do is dream
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Year 1967
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