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5/xx/60May 1960 collection   

lk collection, , I decided to put together a torrent of all the St Paul, May 60 (Moynihan) material I could find., I've included all the bootlegs I could find although none of these add anything or were upgrades to my tapes., Significantly my interview tape is LONGER than all the bootleg versions as it is unedited., There are (I believe) only two samples tapes: the first USA one (Original Samples Tape) and the later UK (Samples Tape 2) one., I have included these in an unedited original state, as I received them back in the early 80's., The most unsuccesful reconstruction is the mp3! version that attempted to combine the samples with the armpit tape., You get all there is by getting my 'armpit tape' and my two sample tapes. The rest is just provided for comparison., I've included scans of the controversial articles from out-of-print fanzines "Fourth Time Around", "The Telegraph" & Changin' 10, as these will not be readily available to most downloaders., LJK April 2016, (in memory of /lowgen & hollowhorn), The Armpit Tape - (my tape), 1. Gotta Travel On;, 2. I'm a Roving Gambler;, 3. *Doney Gal (missing on Armpit tape) &&, 4. *Go down ye Murderers (missing on Armpit tape); %%, 5. Bay of Mexico (fragment), 6. The Two Sisters; &&, 7. Go Way from My Window;, 8. This Land Is Your Land; %%, 9. *Go Tell it onthe Mountain (missing), 10. *Fare Thee Well (missing), 11. Pastures Of Plenty; &&, 12. Rock a Bye My Saro Jane; %%, 13. Take This Hammer;, 14. Nobody Wants You When You're Down And Out; %%, 15. The Great Historical Bum; %%, 16. Mary Ann; %%, 17. Every Night When The Sun Goes In;, 18. Sinner Man; %%, 19. *Delia (missing), 20. *Wop Da Alana (missing), 21. *Who's gonna show your pretty feet (missing), 22. Abner Young; %%, 23. 900 Miles; &&, 24. Blues Yodel No 8 (Muleskinner Blues); && %%, 25. One Eyed Jacks; %%, 26. Columbus Stockade Blues; %%, 27. Payday At Coal Creek; &&, 28. Unidentified fragment (said to be Wop Da Alana), %% - original sample tape, && - samples tape 2, The most complete of the recordings, The Armpit Tape has become part of Dylan folk lore. It is very poor quality., ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, Original Samples Tape (P? 11.5 mins)-, One Eyed Jacks (end)/ Columbus Stockade Blues (fragment removed to samples 2), 1. Go Down Ye Murderers (exerpt + fragment), 2. This Land Is Your Land (2 exerpts), 3. Rock a Bye My Saro Jane ( comment: I don't think .. I'm sorry (Dylan)), 4. Nobody Wants You When You're Down And Out (2 exerpts), 5. The Great Historical Bum (2 exerpts), 6. Mary Ann, 7. Sinner Man (2 exerpts), 8. Abner Young(3 exerpts), 9. Blues Yodel No 8 (Muleskinner Blues) (2 exerpts), 10. One Eyed Jacks (2 exerpts), 11. Columbus Stockade Blues, Go Down Ye Murderers (repeated) removed, This Land Is Your Land (partially repeated) removed, I've attempted to tidy this tape up a bit by removing the repeats at the end of the tape (they are exactly the same exerpt)., The opening track sounds more like it was from the other samples tape so it has been shifted there., As the tape transfer (using external speakers) suffers from speed problems this sounds the least like Dylan (imho)., --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------, Samples Tape 2 (I?)(with Karen Wallace)-, 1. The Two Sisters, 2. Doney Gal (end fragment)(comment when asked to play House of the Rising Sun - "you have to be in a special mood in order to play any song"), 3. Pastures Of Plenty, 4. Fragment of One Eyed Jacks(end) / Columbus Stockade Blues (transferred from other samples tape), 5. Fragment of Rock a Bye My Saro Jane (end) + comment, 6. 900 Miles (end), 7. Blues Yodel No 8 (Muleskinner Blues), 8. Payday At Coal Creek, I've added the fragment from the other samples tape after Pastures of Plenty., This fragment sits better with this tape (imho) but doesn't go where I put it as Karen refers to Pastures of Plenty referring to the previous song. Of course it doesn't go at the end either, but as it's probably just an unintended fragment it doesn't matter., These samples are a bit longer than the previous samples.

bittorrent download 04/16; (did not review all of this)
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