LosslessBob LB-12284
4/19/66Melbourne Australia1B+35min

BOOTLEG: enigmatic story of a boy and his dog vinyl rip; Vinyl bootleg : Bob Dylan in "Melbourne, Australia, The Enigmatic Story Of A Boy And His Dog ..., - With a cast of thousands!, This is NOT Lb-11133 or LB-0636 or LB 3648, This is a Fresh Vinyl transfer made by Hanemaaijer june 2016, The bootleg album was bought somewhere in 1975 0r 1976, Released in 1974, See Mobile phone pics in the torrent, Lineage: Bootleg album - ION Turntable - Audacity - Wave - CDWave (tracksplitting & Checksums) -, TLH (traders Little Helper) Flac level 8 (Highest) - Torrentsite - YOU, As Far as i can't see nothing of this Bootleg is official released, Tracklist ., A1 4th Time Around, A2 Visions Of Johanna (Mother Revisited), B1 It's All Over Now Baby Blue, B2 Desolation Row, Artwork William G. Stout, Artwork [Illustration Back Cover] R. E. Hoppe, Liner Notes Norman Saxon, Feel Free To Comment, Enjoy this Transfer

bittorrent download 06/16; in comparison to vinyl bootleg LB-11133 of same name, this has a sort of similar sound with lots of surface noise; at the comparison spot on t4, this may be a little fuller and harsher and had more surface noise; (did not listen to all of this)
Year 1966
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