LosslessBob LB-14328
12/4/67Basement Tapes, Upstate, New York1A76min

gans miller, & The Hawks, From The Archive of David Gans, Source: 1/4" track reels > DAT, Transfer: Dat > Sony PCM r500 > Tascam DA-3000 > flac 16, Source Dat provided by David Gans, Transfer by Charlie Miller, Edited & Mastered by Joe Noel, August 08, 2019, Notes;, - Digitized Jan. 27, 1994 from 1/4" track dubs from G. Marcus, - analog 16/44.1kHz, - right channel was normalized, - last two tracks (b side) sound to be from a different source., - recordings were made in West Saugerties, Woodstock & Byrdcliffe, New York, there is no indication as to where specifically this tape was recorded., The Players, - Bob Dylan; guitar, piano, harmonica, vocals, - Rick Danko, bass guitar, lead & backing vocals, - Robbie Robertson; electric guitar, vocals, - Richard Manuel; piano, harp, drums, backing vocals, - Garth Hudson; organ, - Levon Helm; drums, backing vocals, -, Checksums & tags created in xACT, Tagging notes:, Show information is embedded within the header of each flac file., It will display on any player capable of directly playing flac files., If converted to wav during processing, all tags will be stripped, however audio data will remain unaffected. If you must, transcode to a lossy format, do so directly Flac > Lossy., Use ffp or st5 to validate audio integrity., Md5 values will change if tagging is altered., [J.Noel 08 August 2019]

bittorrent download 08/19; (did not listen to all of this)
drop/cut end if t12
A Side -, A01. This Wheel's On Fire, A02. Nothing Was Delivered #2, A03. Open The Door, Homer #2, A04. Quinn The eskimo #2, A05. You Ain't Goin' Nowhere, A06. Too Much of Nothing, A07. Tears of Rage #2, A08. Please Mrs. Henry, A09. I Shall Be Released, A10. Tears of Rage #1, A11. Quinn The eskimo #1, A12. Nothing Was Delivered, - B Side -, BO1. Million Dollar Bash, BO2. Apple Suckling Tree, BO3. Talking Clothesline Blues, BO4. Yea! Heavy and A Bottle of Bread, BO5. I'm Not There, BO6. Odds and Ends, BO7. Get Your Rock Off, BO8. Down The Flood, BO9. Lo & Behold, B10. Tiny Montgomery, B11. Tears of Rage, B12. Tears of Rage
Year 1967
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