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BOOTLEG: alternate live john wesley harding; The Alternate LIVE John Wesley Harding - 2007 - Wonderland Records WLR-2021, A comment from a site devoted to The Band:, The Alternate John Wesley Harding is part of a 2007 bootleg series that features "alternative" live versions of Dylan albums. The Band feature on tracks from Toronto 1974 (As I Went Out One Morning), the Isle of Wight 1969 (I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine, I Pity The Pooor Immigrant, I'll Be Your Baby Tonight), Chicago 1974 (All Along the Watchtower). Sound quality isn't great (but neither are cassettes of these). It also seems that some tracks have never been performed live. Rather cheekily, the CDs contain elaborate copyright notices!

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01. As I Went Out One Morning, 02. I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine, 03. All Along the Watchtower, 04. The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest, 05. Drifter's Escape, 06. Dear Landlord, 07. I Pity the Poor Immigrant, 08. The Wicked Messenger, 09. Down Along the Cove, 10. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight, Bonus Tracks:, 11. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (Marianne Faithful), 12. All Along the Watchtower (Randy California), 13. The Wicked Messenger (Mitch Rider), 14. All Along the Watchtower (Tom Landa and the Paperboys), 15. All Along the Watchtower (Hair Rave-Up), 16. I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (Don Duggan), 17. All Along the Watchtower (Michael Hedges), 18. All Along the Watchtower (Tolo Marton), 19. All Along the Watchtower (Larry McCray), 20. I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine (Thea Gilmore)
Year 1967
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