LosslessBob LB For Year 1962
LB-1419xx/xx/627 Strong Winds1Acollection of 7 Blowing in the Winds; 7/2/62.
LB-1688xx/xx/62Early Recordings Vol2A-Put 'em On A Boat, Send 'em Up To The Gaslight Caf
LB-2107xx/xx/62Witmark Demos2A-been sent a nice set of the witmark demos, better
LB-2853xx/xx/62THE FREEWHEELIN'2B+fan compilation
LB-3526xx/xx/62Odds n' Ends from1D+CDr>EAC (secure)>Flac(8)>DIME, The numbers come
LB-4565xx/xx/62Unidentified1D+Late 1962
LB-4917xx/xx/62Hollow Horn2 BOOTLEG: For Somebody By Somebody;
LB-5404xx/xx/62Publishing Demos2A-BOOTLEG: Let My Poor Voice Be Heard; This one is
LB-5994xx/xx/62Howlin' Husky: 1st -3 April 24, 1962, April 24, 1963, Howlin' Husky,
LB-6626xx/xx/62various4 BOOTLEG: You Don't Know Me; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-6632xx/xx/62Various2A-BOOTLEG: Witmark Years; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav
LB-6633xx/xx/62Various early 60s1 BOOTLEG: John Birch Society Blues; cd > ultraplex
LB-6642xx/xx/62Compilation 62-921 BOOTLEG: Great White Wonder vol. 2; cd >
LB-6643xx/xx/62Various Studio1 BOOTLEG: Acetates on the Tracks Vol. 1 (1962-1965)
LB-7845xx/xx/62Unidentified1D-version "a'; Late 1962; , ***** Strange; no
LB-8043xx/xx/62Witmark Demos2B+(Vinyl Box Set) JTT Transfer, This Torrent is for
LB-8050xx/xx/62The Witmark Demos2B+BOOTLEG: Through a Bullet of Light; Factory
LB-8601xx/xx/62various1C+BOOTLEG: Dr Zimmermans Original Old Time Hootenany
LB-9622xx/xx/62March-October 19624 BOOTLEG: broadsides ballads and blues; Wonderland
LB-9711xx/xx/62(Witmark Demos1B+BOOTLEG: ceremonies of the horseman vinyl; Album
LB-11004xx/xx/62Broadside Ballads &1BBOOTLEG: it could even be a myth; Label: Lone
LB-11746xx/xx/62various radio 62-664B+BOOTLEG: on the crest of the airwaves vol1;
LB-11930xx/xx/62various1 BOOTLEG: up to me vinyl jtt; (TMQ Double EP)
LB-15040xx/xx/62various1 BOOTLEG: only a hobo vinyl; vinyl bootleg no label
LB-15367xx/xx/62various1 BOOTLEG: golden unplugged album; (Unofficial
LB-69621/13/62Cynthia Gooding1ABOOTLEG: Folksinger's Choice; Manufacturer: Yellow
LB-71901/13/62Cynthia Gooding1Apitch corrected; Folksinger's Choice, March 11,
LB-72251/13/62Folksinger's Choice1A(TAPE TRANSFER "JTT"), Broadcast in the program
LB-87471/13/62Cynthia Gooding1Aroar of a wave repitch;, on "Folksinger's Choice",
LB-86022/xx/62LEEDS DEMOS1B(Jan or Feb 1962), Nine demos (8 songs -- two
LB-123642/xx/62New York City A-cynthia gooding party tape soundcloud, Bob Dylan
LB-157182/xx/62Cynthia Gooding's1 Between 13 February and March 1962
LB-07972/2/62Harry Belafonte1ADundas reports this as 12/61, Harry Belafonte
LB-111052/2/62various1A-BOOTLEG: keepin the background; Planet X 005-1,
LB-30054/xx/62Gerde's Folk City1B+April or May 1962
LB-66444/xx/62Gerde's,NYC1 BOOTLEG: Paranoid Blues; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-48365/xx/62Broadside Show1B+Have never seen the May 1962 Broadside Show been
LB-48375/xx/62Broadside Show1A-version "a"; (SOUND UPGRADE), Shortly after I had
LB-95675/xx/62Broadside Recordings1Bbroadside recordings jtt, (Compiled by JTT),
LB-117635/xx/62WBAI studio1A-wbai broadside lowgen, Pete Seeger, Sis Cunningham
LB-66457/2/62Montreal, Canada1A-BOOTLEG: Live, Finjan Club; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-79157/2/62Montreal Canada1B+HH; Complete tape, length 56.51, Minor upgrade by
LB-95717/2/62Finjan Club1B+jtt, SOURCE: FLAC Files on DATA DVD > Soundforge
LB-146177/2/62Finjan Club Montreal1A-BOOTLEG: finjan club bda; From the private
LB-95838/xx/62Pittsburgh Radio1Dpittsburgh radio tape fake, This is the
LB-30069/22/62Carnegie Hall1B- 
LB-35259/22/62Carnegie Hall1C+version "a";, quality not at all bad considering
LB-94259/22/62New York City1B-BOOTLEG: vinyl Carnegie Hall Hootenanny; This is
LB-300710/xx/62Billy Faier Show1A-October 1962
LB-562710/xx/62Gaslight Cafe1A(known as the "Second Gaslight Tape"), source: CDR
LB-662510/xx/62Gaslight Cafe, NYC1A-BOOTLEG: Gaslight Tapes; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-685010/xx/62Gaslight Café1ABOOTLEG: The Gaslight Tapes 1962; Label:
LB-791410/xx/62Second Gaslight Tape1AHH; minor upgrade/remaster, FI I added applause
LB-8499xx/xx/62Gaslight Tapes (Rare3B+JTT Transfer, PLATINUM 3022/3, SOURCE: Factory
LB-1503310/xx/62The 2nd and 3rd1Agaslight2 3 lowgen, Undated- circa Nov 1962, This
LB-664611/xx/62NY1 BOOTLEG: Broadside; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav >
LB-664711/xx/62Studio1 BOOTLEG: Freewheelin Outtakes; cd > ultraplex >
LB-555012/6/62Freewheelin Outtakes1A-The 7th Freewheelin' Bob Dylan session, produced
LB-638312/6/62Columbia Studio A1B+(Low Generation Tape Transfer), When I first
LB-638712/6/62Studio A1A-version "c"; DAT -> (digital transfer) m-audio
LB-697712/6/62New York Outtakes -1 BOOTLEG: 7 years of bad luck; silver > ultraplex >
LB-242212/30/62Madhouse On Castle1Bnot the "new" source yet, but the "old" one from
LB-355612/30/62"Madhouse on Castle1C5 source compilation, Collected, transfered,


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