LosslessBob LB For Year 1963
LB-1344xx/xx/63THOSE ELUSIVE1Aset prepared by lk
LB-1369xx/xx/63LK's Bob Dylan &1BSince the next Bootleg Series is expected to be
LB-1453xx/xx/63LK's Bob Dylan &2 REMASTERING NOTES FROM DAN Mc, DISC ONE --, A.
LB-1460xx/xx/63LK's Bob Dylan &2B+Notes to the new edition., It was pointed out that
LB-1779xx/xx/63Tapes And Acetates1A-Improved Air Remaster, August 6, 1963 - tracks 7,
LB-1967xx/xx/63The Mystery Tape1 (from lk) no other info;
LB-4919xx/xx/63Hollow Horn2 BOOTLEG: Does Anybody Have an E Harmonica;
LB-50911/1/63Fantasy Acetate1A-Flac [1cd], Various Dates & Locations, Stereo
LB-6281xx/xx/63Various TV2B+BOOTLEG: ONE PUSH OF THE BUTTON; A new two-disc
LB-6650xx/xx/63unreleased studio1 BOOTLEG: Odds and Ends(Unsurpassed Maestro Vol1 );
LB-6651xx/xx/63Various1 BOOTLEG: Hard to Find; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav
LB-6660xx/xx/63Various1 BOOTLEG: Even Harder to Find: Lost Recording
LB-6661xx/xx/63Various1 BOOTLEG: Hardest to Find (Lost Diamonds 1986-96);
LB-6662xx/xx/63Various1 BOOTLEG: Hard to Find Volume 2; cd > ultraplex >
LB-9994xx/xx/63various1B+BOOTLEG: more from the vaults; Source: SB 5 6
LB-10651xx/xx/63various1B-BOOTLEG: live pt2 vinyl; Transfer From My Vinyl,
LB-11009xx/xx/63source: various1CBOOTLEG: baez years 1963 1964; Source / Venue:,
LB-14760xx/xx/63various  BOOTLEG: alternate live freewheelin; 24bit 48k,
LB-15062xx/xx/63The Times They Are  BOOTLEG: twelve curses; Early Years/02-CD-3337,
LB-16031/10/63Basement Dobell's1 also 1/11/63, Complete recording; (Blind Boy Grunt
LB-30081/14/63Dobell's Jazz Record1A-14 & 15 January 1963,
LB-30092/xx/63Skip Weshner Show1A- 
LB-122212/xx/63Skip Weshner's1A-skip weshner lowgen jtt, Feb-Mar 1963,
LB-45662/8/63The Banjo Tape1B+ 
LB-66532/8/63NY1B+BOOTLEG: Banjo Tape & New York City Townhall; cd >
LB-76232/8/63Gerdes Folk City1BBanjo Tape [neuthorduo remaster], original info:,
LB-45923/xx/63Folk Songs and More1B+Broadcast in the program, Folk songs and more folk
LB-45943/xx/63WBAI-FM Radio1B"Dylan, accompianied by Suze Rotolo and John
LB-98453/xx/63The Bob Fass radio1BBOOTLEG: radio unnameable; HEN 093, artwork
LB-66594/xx/63The Bear, Chicago1 BOOTLEG: Bob Dylan's Dream Vol II; cd > ultraplex
LB-03044/12/63Home Of Eve And Mac1  
LB-11664/12/63Town Hall1A-pb's compilation upgrade from best sounding
LB-31724/12/63Town Hall1B+"complete as of 2005"
LB-32054/12/63Town Hall1A-version 2 of pb's compilation upgrade from best
LB-49184/12/63Hollow Horn2A-BOOTLEG: Find Out Why;
LB-58884/12/63Town Hall2Aversion "d"; trade -> flac
LB-60934/12/63New York City2Aversion "e"; trade > flac > WAV > flaw fixed
LB-66554/12/63New York Town Hall1B+BOOTLEG: Talking Too Much; cd > ultraplex > eac >
LB-66564/12/63NYC - Town Hall1A-BOOTLEG: Bob Dylan In Concert; cd > ultraplex >
LB-66574/12/63Town Hall & 1A-BOOTLEG: In Concert; cd > ultraplex > eac > wav >
LB-80354/12/63Town Hall2AHH; First fix : Xav aka the four eyed freak, He
LB-80364/12/63Town Hall New York1A-version "I"; PA recording> ? >WAV>.shn
LB-85434/12/63NYC Town Hall &1A-BOOTLEG: Are You Now or Have You Ever Been; (His
LB-103604/12/63New York City2ABOOTLEG: new york town hall 1963; Rattlesnake / RS
LB-151594/12/63New York Town Hall  lk upgrade, LK Upgrade, Thanks LK for compiling,
LB-45934/19/63The Home Of Eve and1BSome sources list this as merely "April 1963". I
LB-85134/25/63The Bear1B 
LB-106154/25/63The Bear1Bfolkartist vinyl, Bootleg "Folkartist" Vinyl rip,
LB-10715/3/63Studs Terkel Wax1B+Original Analog Stereo Tape from FM Broadcast >
LB-59705/3/63The Studs Terkel Wax1A-version "a"; Recorded Late April 1963; broadcast
LB-66275/3/63Chicago - Studs1B-BOOTLEG: Before the Flood and after the fire; cd >
LB-69305/3/63WFMT radio1B+BOOTLEG: STUDS TERKEL'S WAX MUSEUM; Yellow Dog 057
LB-85815/3/63Studs Terkel's 'Wax1Bjtt; NPR Archive - Author Interviews, NOTE: This
LB-92685/3/63Studs Terkel's Wax1A-version "f", broadcast May 1,1963., Pre-recorded
LB-103235/3/63Chicago, Illinois1A-version "g", complete Studs Terkel's Wax, SOURCE:
LB-144885/3/63Studs Terkel Wax1B+reconstructed stereo lk, This is a reconstructed
LB-149927/6/63Greenwood1BVoter registration rally, Mrs. Laura McGhee's farm
LB-78467/17/63The Home Of Dave1D-***** LB-reference? *****, ***** Reportedly named
LB-30107/27/63Newport Folk1A- 
LB-30117/28/63Newport Folk1A- 
LB-149818/17/63Forest Hills Tennis1B+baez sbd, Joan Baez
LB-35378/28/63March On Washington-1C+Mono audience recording 9:58, The 1st two tracks
LB-107738/28/63Washington1C+version "a", 1 DVD (NTSC) & 1 CD Compilation, The
LB-107748/28/63Washington1C+version "b", Dean/Fanoot kindly provided me audio
LB-301210/26/63Carnegie Hall1A- 
LB-317310/26/63Carnegie Hall1A-"complete as of 2005"
LB-321610/26/63Carnegie Hall1ALK best of version;I decided to assemble all 12
LB-618010/26/63Carnegie Hall2Aversion "d"' soundboard, This is the source tape
LB-618110/26/63Carnegie Hall2ABOOTLEG: Unravelled Takes; "Complete", BOB DYLAN,
LB-618510/26/63Carnegie Hall2ABOOTLEG: Unravelled Takes; version "f"; Hollow
LB-901410/26/63Carnegie Hall2Aversion "g"; Lineage: unknown, possibly soundboard


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