LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Song: - Shelter From The Storm
LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Song:
Shelter From The Storm
DateBootleg CD TitleCDTRLB#tuit94#
9/16/74Blood on the Tracks19 170
9/16/74New York Sessions - Blood on th Tracks19LB-6712169
9/17/74Blood on the Tapes17LB-6711169
9/17/74Genuine Hard to Find Volume 211LB-6703169
9/17/74Jerry Maguire - Music From the Motion Picture11 169
5/1/76Highway 49 Revisited110LB-6723 
5/3/76Live at the Warehouse110LB-6725 
5/3/76Rolling Thunder Revue27LB-6726 
5/11/76Creatures Void of Form18LB-6724 
5/11/76Discover Broken14LB-6727 
5/16/76Hold the Fort for what its worth112LB-6728 
5/18/76Blood & Thunder16LB-6729 
5/23/76Hard Rain16 189
2/26/78A Night to Remember19LB-6733 
2/26/78Far East Tour211LB-4143 
2/28/78Bob Dylan at Budokan12 202
4/1/78It's All Right Babe15LB-5184 
6/2/78Stop Crying13LB-6735 
6/18/78Tales of Yankee Power14LB-6737 
7/6/78Border Beneath the Sun15LB-6738 
7/15/78The Picnic at Blackbushe15LB-6740 
9/17/78Inside the Coliseum13LB-6741 
10/12/78I was Young When I Left Home14LB-6742 
11/10/78Live at the Pitstop 78 - Gaza Strip14LB-6743 
5/27/84Dirty Lies18LB-6752272
5/27/84Dirty Lies17LB-6752272
6/14/84From the Mountains of Madrid114LB-6755 
7/1/84Life takes Livetakes112LB-6761 
7/8/84Over the Broken Glass18LB-6282 
7/8/84Real Live Outtakes 198416LB-6759 
7/24/87A Dream Come True114LB-6773 
9/15/87Temples in Flames14LB-6771 
9/30/87Heartbreakers Blues14LB-6783 
10/16/87The Critics Choice Vol 5 & 615LB-6786 
11/22/87Dancing in the Dark26LB-6787353_1
6/11/88Driftin Too Far From the Shore111LB-6637 
8/7/88The Critics Choice Vol 718LB-6791 
5/1/89Never Ending Tour Rehearsals210LB-6802363_1
6/10/89Acetates on the Tracks Volume 4 1964-9416LB-6658 
6/10/89Hunted (Like a Crocodile)15LB-6592 
6/19/89All the Way Down to Italy15LB-6804 
7/5/90Rooftop Serenade14LB-6815 
6/10/91Ljubljana 9114LB-6820 
6/11/91Belgrad 9114LB-6821 
6/18/91New Morning14LB-6823 
6/29/91The Never Ending Tour13LB-6824 
4/14/92No Time to Think26LB-6851 
5/5/92Modern Minstrel15LB-6829 
5/5/92Tangled Up in Blue210LB-6831 
5/9/92San Jose Revisted17LB-6833 
7/7/92Meran 9223LB-6640 
2/21/93And the Never Ending Tour Band15LB-6846 
2/21/93It Ain't Me Babe28LB-6845 
4/19/93Hard Times in Alabama23LB-6847 
6/29/93Breadcrumb Sins15LB-6848 
6/29/93Hard Times in Marseilles16LB-5811 
9/9/93No Time to Think17LB-6851 
9/9/93Not Much is Really Sacred25LB-6106 
2/14/94Japan 199412LB-6860 
2/16/94Through a glass Darkly12LB-6861 
4/18/94Simple Man Keep Waiting16LB-6862 
7/7/94The Man the Master22LB-6866 
7/7/94The Wiener Club of Spaulding27LB-6868 
10/19/94Just Because27LB-6872 
10/19/94New York '9421LB-5742 
10/19/94Stuck inside of Roseland with the New York Blues110LB-6875 
3/11/9512/- A Pound22LB-6877 
3/31/95Bob's Full House Brixton III16LB-5785 
3/31/95Brixton Blues16LB-5786 
5/12/95Guided by the Eternal Light27LB-6882 
6/22/95The Pedlar Now Speaks25LB-6883 
7/10/95Germany Summer Tour 95 Vol 227LB-6889 
6/22/96Something's Happening Here14LB-6901 
7/3/96Always On My Mind Vol. 214LB-6905 
10/25/96Dallas, Texas14LB-6909 
1/21/98Madison Square Garden14LB-6919