LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Detail for Tangled Up In Tapes 1994 Number: 51
LosslessBob Bootleg CD
Detail for Tangled Up In Tapes 1994 Number: 51
Aug & Oct 1963New York CityColumbia Studios, The Times They Are A-Changin' outtakes


Bootleg CD TitleLabelcdseqsongseqSongLB#
The Genuine Bootleg Series Take 2Scorpio17Lay Down Your Weary TuneLB-6622
John Birch Society BluesExit Records13East Laredo BluesLB-6633
John Birch Society BluesExit Records110Percy's SongLB-6633
Odds and Ends(Unsurpassed Maestro Vol1 )Sick Cat15Suze (The Cough Song)LB-6650
Talking Too MuchWPOCM12Lay Down Your Weary TuneLB-6655
Talking Too MuchWPOCM15When The Ship Comes InLB-6655
Talking Too MuchWPOCM16Who Killed Davey Moore ?LB-6655
Talking Too MuchWPOCM17Percy's SongLB-6655
Talking Too MuchWPOCM19Seven CursesLB-6655
Strip TeaseCondor18Suze (The Cough Song)LB-6673
Strip TeaseCondor111Bob Dylan's New Orleans RagLB-6673
Strip TeaseCondor112East Laredo BluesLB-6673
Strip TeaseCondor113That's All Right MamaLB-6673
Strip TeaseCondor114Lay Down Your Weary TuneLB-6673
Strip TeaseCondor115Eternal CircleLB-6673
Strip TeaseCondor116Percy's SongLB-6673
BiographColumbia110Percy's Song 
BiographColumbia116Lay Down Your Weary Tune 
The Bootleg Series1961-1991Columbia115Paths Of Victory 
The Bootleg Series1961-1991Columbia118Only A Hobo 
The Bootleg Series1961-1991Columbia119Moonshiner 
The Bootleg Series1961-1991Columbia21Seven Curses 
The Bootleg Series1961-1991Columbia22Eternal Circle 
The Bootleg Series1961-1991Columbia23Suze (The Cough Song)