LosslessBob LB-7688
xx/xx/67new Basement boot -REDO2A76min+77min

BOOTLEG: Safety Master; lowgen redo; Basement Tapes, Hollow Horn Bootleg "Safety Master" plus 4 bonus tracks, I seeded this before ( http://www.hungercity.org/details.php?id=5248 ) but the torrent had additional damage because my computer was dying, and this is my redo. Most people won't need this-- but I promised., I see now that this bootleg is NOT any kind of "best copy" when compared to other sources. It has been mostly if not all compiled from other collections and heavily processed so that it now sounds louder and "cleaner". In my opinion this cleanup was very invasive and has made the whole thing less enjoyable than the originals. It had some damage, which I've repaired. It is hiss-reduced and compressed and clipped, The high end is largely gone because of the hiss reduction and I think it sounds flat and muddy., For comparison, this torrent also has the same tracks from "A Tree With Roots V2" which for most tracks is the best circulating copy. Hear them side-by-side and tell me which is "more enjoyable"., /Lowgen, June 23 2009

bittorrent download 06/09; in comparison to previous lowgen safety tape LB-7344 on first cd this does not have the discontinuity that one had on t1 and has similar wav and spectral view but on a few tracks the channels are switched; excellent sound [A]
square wav static right channel d2t15 1:26
1. Million Dollar Bash, 2. Yea, Heavy and a Bottle of Bread, 3. I'm Not There (1956), 4. Please Mrs Henry, 5. Down in the Flood, 6. Lo and Behold, 7. This Wheel's On Fire, 8. You Ain't Going Nowhere (Dylan on right channel), 9. I Shall Be Released (Dylan on right channel), 10. Too Much Of Nothing, 11. Nothing Was Delivered (short take), 12. Odds and Ends, 13. Get Your Rocks Off, 14. Clothesline Saga, 15. Apple Suckling Tree, 16. Open the Door Homer (short gap at 0:45), 17. Nothing Was Delivered (short gap at 1:06), 18. Tears Of Rage, 19. Quinn The Eskimo, BONUS TRACKS, 20. Tiny Montgomery, 21. Sign On The Cross, 22. Going To Acapulco, 23. All You Have To Do Is Dream
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