LosslessBob Bootleg CD - The Genuine Bootleg Series
LosslessBob Bootleg CD
The Genuine Bootleg Series

DateLabel DescriptionLocationCDLB
01/01/61Scorpio 94-14-01/02/03Various - Collection3LB-6621


Additional DescriptionQualityReferencesT#
 cd1:bad DesRow;cd2:noise trks 4 on(ok on other cd player)Isis57;ch393


11Black Cross12/22/6119
12I Was Young When I Left Home12/22/6119
13Ballad For A Friend1/1/6220
14Hero Blues12/6/6225
15Whatcha Gonna Do12/6/6225
16Tomorrow Is A Long Time12/1/6236
17Milk Cow's Calf's Blues (Good Morning Blues)4/24/6225
18Rocks And Gravel11/13/6225
19You've Been Hiding Too Long4/12/6343
111Baby, Let Me Follow You Down1/1/6436
112That's All Right Mama6/9/6461
113Sally Free And Easy6/9/6461
114Bob Dylan's New Orleans Rag6/9/6461
115You Don't Have To Do That1/13/6570
116Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window6/16/6582
117Desolation Row7/30/6582
118Visions Of Johanna1/21/6694
119She's Your Lover Now1/21/6694
21Positively Van Gogh3/13/66102
22What Kind Of Friend Is This ?5/18/66124
23One Too Many Mornings5/16/66115
24Sign On The Cross6/1/67127
25All American Boy6/1/67127
26Nothing Was Delivered6/1/67127
27I Threw It All Away5/1/70142
28Honey, Just Allow Me One More Chance5/1/70142
29Working On A Guru5/1/70142
210Crash On The Levee (Down In The Flood)1/1/72155
211Goodbye Holly1/20/73161
212Rock Me Mama2/1/73161
213Nobody 'Cept You11/2/73165
214Idiot Wind9/16/74169
216Stop Now5/2/78207
217Am I Your Stepchild ?9/15/78 
31Trouble In Mind5/1/79228
32Yonder Comes Sin10/27/80240
33Caribbean Wind9/23/80239
34Don't Ever Take Yourself Away4/23/81244
35Thief On The Cross11/10/81 
36Sweetheart Like You4/1/83265
37Someone's Got A Hold Of My Heart4/1/83265
38Tell Me4/1/83265
310Blind Willie McTell4/1/83265
311New Danville Girl12/1/84284
312Important Words4/1/87345
314Like A Ship4/1/90381
315Series of Dreams3/7/89362