LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Detail for Tangled Up In Tapes 1994 Number: 36
LosslessBob Bootleg CD
Detail for Tangled Up In Tapes 1994 Number: 36
1962 to 1964New York CityWitmark Demos


Bootleg CD TitleLabelcdseqsongseqSongLB#
The Genuine Bootleg SeriesScorpio16Tomorrow Is A Long TimeLB-6621
The Genuine Bootleg SeriesScorpio110FarewellLB-6621
The Genuine Bootleg SeriesScorpio111Baby, Let Me Follow You DownLB-6621
The Genuine Bootleg Series Take 2Scorpio16Long Time GoneLB-6622
The Genuine Bootleg Series Take 2Scorpio18Guess I'm Doin' FineLB-6622
The Witmark YearsCapricorn11Blowin' In The WindLB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn12Long Ago, Far AwayLB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn13Tomorrow Is A Long TimeLB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn14Ballad Of Hollis BrownLB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn15The Death Of Emmett TillLB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn16A Hard Rain's A-Gonna FallLB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn17Let Me Die In My FootstepsLB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn18Quit Your Lowdown WaysLB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn19Baby, I'm In The Mood For YouLB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn110Long Time GoneLB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn111Don't Think Twice, It's All RightLB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn112Oxford TownLB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn113Masters Of WarLB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn114Walking Down The LineLB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn115Talkin' John Birch Paranoid BluesLB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn116All Over YouLB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn117Bound To Lose, Bound To WinLB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn118I'd Hate To Be You On That Dreadful DayLB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn119I shall Be FreeLB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn120Bob Dylan's DreamLB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn121Bob Dylan's BluesLB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn21Boots Of Spanish LeatherLB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn22Girl From The North CountryLB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn23Seven CursesLB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn24Hero BluesLB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn25Gypsy LouLB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn26Whatcha Gonna DoLB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn27Ain't Gonna GrieveLB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn28Only A HoboLB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn29John BrownLB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn210When The Ship Comes InLB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn211The Times They Are A-Changin'LB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn212Paths Of VictoryLB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn213FarewellLB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn214Baby, Let Me Follow You DownLB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn215Guess I'm Doin' FineLB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn216Mr. Tambourine ManLB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn217Mama, You Been On My MindLB-6632
The Witmark YearsCapricorn218I'll Keep It With MineLB-6632
The Bootleg Series1961-1991Columbia113Walking Down The Line 
The Bootleg Series1961-1991Columbia120When The Ship Comes In 
The Bootleg Series1961-1991Columbia121The Times They Are A-Changin'