LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Song: - John Brown
LosslessBob Bootleg CD - Song:
John Brown
DateBootleg CD TitleCDTRLB#tuit94#
10/1/62Gaslight Tapes110LB-662533
4/12/63Bob Dylan In Concert111LB-665643
4/12/63In Concert14LB-665743
4/12/63Talking Too Much14LB-665543
4/26/63Before the Flood and after the fire15LB-662745
8/1/63The Witmark Years29LB-663236
5/1/87The French Girl38LB-6772343
5/1/87The French Girl27LB-6772343
7/4/87A Dream Come True14LB-6773 
7/4/87The Unreleased Live Album11LB-6775353
7/10/87I'll be Your Robert Today15LB-6776 
7/10/87Men of Peace15LB-6777 
7/12/87Dylan Plays Dead17LB-6778 
9/13/87Temples in Flames24LB-6771 
9/19/87Live (Rotterdam)110LB-6782 
9/19/87On A Night Like This213LB-6869 
10/15/87The Critics Choice Vol 5 & 628LB-6786 
1/1/88The Critics Choice Vol 3112LB-6789 
10/19/88Stuck inside of New York13LB-6799 
6/7/89No Photographs Please16LB-6803 
10/15/90Thank you Evry'body12LB-6818 
11/8/90Paradise, Hawaiian Style211LB-6830 
11/17/94MTV Unplugged15 440
11/18/94Completely Unplugged24LB-6426430
6/20/96Escaping on the Run Vol 118LB-6899 
6/27/96The Empire Strikes Back18LB-6903 
7/1/96It Takes A Lot To Laugh18LB-6904 
7/14/96Dance Beneath the Diamond Sky18LB-6907 
2/20/97Northern Songs38LB-4525 
4/15/97Bathed in a Stream of Pure Heat18LB-6911 
1/16/98Not Dark Yet29LB-6918 
1/16/98Voices in the Garden12LB-6917 
6/24/98Bette Davies Style17LB-6921